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Hi, we would like to personally thank you for your divine interest in Hands of Heart Caregivers. We are a small company with huge hearts, and we employ some of the most dedicated and loving Caregivers that Birmingham Alabama has to offer. We are also delighted to inform you that Hands of Heart Caregivers offers the highest class and lowest hourly rates of in-home care in Birmingham Alabama and surrounding areas. I know that you are wondering why our caregivers/CNA, sitters, are and skilled staff often referred to as “Care Crusaders”, let me explain. Biblically crusaders were warriors whom dedicated themselves to two main things; 

1. Being a warrior 
2. Acting as a Protector (of)
As time progressed and more and more client testimonials would come in we began to compare the CNA’s and Health Aides of Hands of Heart to the personality traits that a crusader would be known to possess. Our Care Crusaders are warriors of administering consistent care, love, knowledgeable skills, and patience within the Home Care Realm. They have repeatedly rated above board when it comes to protecting the solution of Home Care and proving that it is the BETTER ALTERNATIVE.  On our site we have highlighted many of the key services here at Hands of Heart Caregivers and the reasons that we have become Birmingham Alabama most trusted source in reliable home care. 
I know first hand, there are many things that we here at Hands of Heart take into deep consideration; and one of those things is that we are well aware that when it comes to selecting the right care crusader for in-home care it can be a task. That’s why we have put together this site in hopes to comfort and enable you to better identify just what Hands of Heart Caregivers commitment to seniors and aging adults is all about. Feel free to visit our many resources we have placed here as well as requesting any additional information that you may find helpful to you at this present time. As always- remember Hands of Heart is "THE GOOD NEWS OF HOME CARE."

-Head Care Crusader


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3 Plans To Choose From

We have (3) care plans that should fit the needs of everyone CHOOSE WHICH BEST SUITS YOU


- We ONLY SELECT 2 Care Crusaders for this position. We have found that most successful and healthy caregiver relationships are built when the family as well as the client initiates a bond. To be as successful as possible in this process we eliminate the ROTATING CAREGIVER DOOR (the use of 3 or more caregivers in one setting). You are assigned a (primary) and a (secondary) Care Crusader. The primary will stay with your loved one 24 hours a day so that he or she is never alone. The shift of the primary caregiver will typically be four to five days a week and the secondary will normally cover the remainder of the week.



Since we don’t have a MINIMUM HOUR REQUREMENT. We have found that many of our clients have times that they may require the assistance of our Care Crusaders. This type of care truly depends on needs of the clients whether the assistance is needed only at nights, weekends, or transportation for shopping and/or medical appointments. In the beginning of many of our home care journeys; hourly care has been the most popular; because it provides us the ability to display just how flexible and ecstatic we are to deliver consistent quality home care whenever it is needed.


Different circumstances require different solutions. We are aware that not all needs are the same. That’s why we offer daily bath packages that include personal quality services of BATH/GROOM/DRESSING on a 3 or 5 day frequency. This package can be schedule for ANY TIME OF THE DAY. This option allows for the client to remain as independent as possible while receiving assistance with a task that is vital to their daily lifestyle. The simple task of bathing becomes the most difficult task when aging adults reside alone and it is often difficult to acquire the assistance of an agency without hourly service agreement or medical recommendation. Hands of Heart, eliminates that concern of your loved one getting their day started with a helping hand and the quality assistance that they need and deserve.






Who we are




We are Birmingham's #1 Live-In Care Crusaders. Our care crusaders are proficient and qualified in round-the-clock care. We want to ensure our clients and their loved ones that they can have a divine peace of mind with our care crusaders providing assistance with ALL daily activities, personal needs, and companionship care that warms the heart.  We strive to provide the feeling of security that someone is there with your loved ones at ALL times/24-7. Your loved one will be placed with selected care crusaders that they can build a bond with. Because we have found that many care attendants within the home tends to bring about confusion and the client is unable to form a general understanding of the assistance being administered

We take pride in never having advertised on a billboard, or a television station.  (Being the Best kept Secret)… We have acquired many of our clients from the best form of advertisement known to man (WORD OF MOUTH). Our reputation remains flawless and we stand to have a 100% rating with our local Better Business Bureau. Our care crusaders have been trained to approach our clients with POSITIVE ASPECTS by cheering on their independence and helping them become more comfortable by assisting them in physical, mental and social activities. Our care crusaders take full responsibility when needed with ALL meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal hygiene, incontinence care, bathing, medical reminders, transportation and much more on both an hourly and 24/7 scheduled basis.

We strongly dislike answering services that why we are 100% at always being available for your general questions, cares, and concerns. There will always be a LIVE person for you to speak with 24/7. Unlike many home care agencies we  are available by phone 24 hours a day and have Care Crusaders to accommodate you or your loved one on as little as 3- hour notice!!!! We don’t depend on voicemail systems when it comes to great care that even applies to evenings, weekends, and ALL HOLIDAYS! We are on call day or night for all clients of Hands of Heart Caregiver as well as prospective clients.

We are Birmingham Alabama’s #1 trusted provider of home care services to the clients of care managers, assisted living and nursing communities, hospitals and senior centers throughout the Birmingham Alabama area. Our cherished clients are referred to us from many channels, and from many different levels. We have learned that it is imperative to strengthen and feed those relations that we have built within any community, hospital, and nursing facility daily.

We have found that there is ABSOULUTELY no way to train a great care crusader/caregiver. We receive dozens of applications daily only to find that we will only actually hire 1 out of the 50 applicants. Not only do we screen for the professional aspects such as criminal background, drug screen, driving records, and previous work history; we also screen for “The Ability of Care”. Our care crusaders must possess integrity, exceptional work ethic, and passion accompanied with purpose for this field

This is an actual weekend course that ALL care crusaders must attend. It allows our care crusaders to showcase their exceptional skills with actual caregiver experiences and scenarios. Care Crusaders are placed in a variety of settings where they much provide their expertise in care, love, knowledge, compassion, and CNA training. Many are also encouraged (if applicable) to complete senior nutrition, transfer assistance, physical therapy, and rehabilitation assistance sessions. We strive for our Care Crusaders to be equipped to provide our clients with the most balanced and highly qualified level of Home Care possible.

Our mission here at Hands of Heart Caregivers is pretty simple. We are always exploring new ways of assisting our aging adults with consistent and remarkable home care. Our goal is to enable them with quality care that allows them to live healthier, cheerful, more productive lives within the privacy of their own home. This is one main reason why we have tailored our services and home care plans to fit mostly any lifestyle and living arrangement imaginable. We gladly embrace great balance and it shows throughout our cheerful and highly skilled staff of Care Crusaders.

John 10:10…………………………………I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly”

TRUSTED HOME CARE AGENCY- We’re proud to proclaim that we are ranked high within our local Better Business Bureau. To maintain such high rankings we fully dedicate ourselves and our business to standards of loyalty, integrity, and dignity. While successfully keeping our clients satisfied and referring us to family and friends with positive and breath taking client testimonials.

NO DEPOSITS AND LONG TERM CONTRACTS – We take pride in the ability to cater to our clients in all areas of their lifestyle. Hands of Heart Caregiver will never require you to hefty pay up-front deposits or agree to lengthy technical binding contracts.

AROUND THE CLOCK CARE CRUSADERS- Our care crusaders understand that “Great Care” doesn’t come with off days. We are available for care to your loved ones around the clock even Major Holidays.





Where to find us

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones"

----Proverbs 15:30
  • Hands of Heart Caregivers
  • 201 Beacon Parkway, SUITE 111
  • Homewood, Al 35209
  • 855-409-HAND

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